WE are United

Our Mission

Our purpose is to be the living presence of Jesus in the world by becoming like Him and inviting others on the journey with us.

We are fulfilling our mission in these three key areas

Sunday Morning Worship Gathering

Sunday morning is a special time for us to gather as a church body—brothers and sisters together—taking time to gather to reflect, praise, sing, confess, wonder and learn about the Trinitarian God we love.

Small Groups

We all need the Lord, and we need each other. Small groups are where we—together—are open ourselves to God’s transforming work in our lives. Where God calls us into a deep, loving relationship with himself. Where we do life together in ways that welcome all those who God puts in our paths.

80th & Mary

80th & Mary is our property. We view it as a special gift that God has used in our community for generations to share His love. And we believe this property should continue to be used to grow God’s Kingdom and serve the community. It is a place for the members of the community to build friendships with neighbors. And through this, experience a safe and loving place to belong and to find their true identity as a child of God.

Small Groups

Coming Together as a family

At United, we call our small groups “Charis Groups.” Charis means grace… Charis groups are people gathering together to know and show God’s grace.

Charis Groups create safe and loving spaces for all who seek Him; where vulnerability is normal, where all questions are welcome and where everyone shares the authentic experience of their lives. Believing that all people are dearly loved creations of God. The triune God calls his people into deep relationships. He acts in merciful ways to bring us into a whole relationship with himself and into grace filled relationships with those around us. This relationship is a long patient trust that we enter into with God, who is at work (Hebrews 10:23-25).  We look to God to do the maturing, knowing that our striving is futile. Our part is to step out in faith, trusting that God is at work and to open ourselves up to what he wants to accomplish in us and through us.

We would love to help you find a Charis Group that is right for you.

80th & Mary

OUR VISION TO USE OUR property as a community resource

80th & Mary is a reference to our church home, which stands humbly in the Seattle neighborhood of Crown Hill. It is a blessing to us from God. It provides a safe place for us to meet, to pray, and to worship. 

God is giving us a vision to utilize 80th & Mary to bless our neighborhood and community. Here are several areas where we envision using this resource God has given us.

Educational classes

We desire to offer classes on a wide variety of topics, relevant to today’s culture, that will add value to the members our community. We envision a warm, friendly learning environment where community members can come together to learn and share.

Passion project group

Our desire is that 80th & Mary would be utilized as a community gathering place. A welcoming destination or as a meeting place for local interest groups such as coding or knitting.

Emergency and disaster preparedness

80th & Mary is registered as a local disaster preparedness center, making the property a local resource in the event of unforeseen, catastrophic events.

Community meals and meetings

We regularly have community meals that are open to the members of our neighborhood and community. It’s a great opportunity for us to share a meal and meet new friends.

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