Who Leads Us

United EFC is a Team-Led Ministry

How we define Team-led ministry

We are a team-led church, with a teaching pastor. We recognize the people in our congregation are gifted spiritually, and called to lead in the church. We allow them to exercise those spiritual gifts.

 Throughout the history of the Church, God has used the faithfulness of ordinary people who are transformed by Christ—through the work of the Holy Spirit, to serve in their calling to minister within the local body of believers.


Brent Barrett

Elder Team Chair

Ralph Graves

Elder Team Vice Chair

Jim Brinkman


Jan Petersen


Wesley Deason


Michelle Wicks

Connections Minister

Dr. Bo Lim

Preaching Pastor

Dr. Bo Lim is a preaching pastor who is with us a few times each month. He is currently leading a study of Isaiah this year. We are excited to have him with us. His teaching is rich in scripture.

On other Sundays, teaching is led by leaders in our church community. United is in a season of learning to follow Ephesians 4:12 where each one in our church is stepping into their God given gifts and contributing to the work of the ministry, building up the body of Christ.

Our vision for community ministry

1. A community that sees itself as the living presence of Jesus in the world, responsible to be like Jesus, shine His Light before the world, and be His voice, hands, and feet. Their caring for others is legendary. Their concern for justice spurs them. They take seriously their role as Jesus’ ambassadors and the job of seeking the lost and making disciples next door and around the world.

2. A community that takes God and His Word as it’s authority and guide. One can’t go far without observing people praying: seeking and listening for God’s direction. One can’t go far without hearing the Scriptures being talked about and followed, in many creative and practical ways.

3. A community that loves their God deeply from the heart, seeking God earnestly and desiring to be transformed into Christlikeness. They order their lives, individually and as a body, around practices that help them grow to be like Jesus. There’s joyful heart obedience to their loving Master. They challenge one another to “excel still more.”

4. A grace-filled community that exudes mercy and love for one another. They gather one on one or in groups to eat, share openly their struggles and victories, to grow, and to serve their Lord together. They confess their sins to one another. Encourage one another. Spur one another on to love and good deeds. Resolve differences. They are unusually hospitable: They welcome new people of all kinds, excited about drawing them into their shared life.

5. A community that structures or organizes itself around its mission of apprenticing all to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus. They have an intentional pathway for all to meet Christ and grow to be like him. They examine all they are doing to see if it helps fulfill that mission. Not change for change sake, but a willingness to let go and change for the sake of their mission. They seek to understand the culture around them and shape how they do things in order to reach others.

6. A community whose leaders, including the pastor, seek to empower and equip the body towards this future, understanding that it is the body together that loves and lives and serves. They empower all to develop and use their God-given gifts and abilities.

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